Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Not Just Nail Techs Anymore

It seems a though, today, everyone is becoming something other than a Nail Tech.  I see product manufacturers, show promoters and nail competitions organizers.

It seems as though everyone and her sister are peddling "My custom mix" or my favorite tools on Instagram and Facebook.  So they took some powders, mixed them to make the perfect nude for them and now they want to sell it to you.  Where are the MSDS sheets of the product that they mixed?

Next all these little nails only shows popping up.  Reports are that they are very unorganized and lots of bills are still waiting to be paid on these events.

Finally competitions.  People are still waiting for their prizes.  I've heard complaints of favoritism, people not having to pay entry fees and shoddy judging.

Stick to what you do best.  Doing nails and judging each other work online behind their back.

Monday, December 16, 2013

My Family Drives Me Nuts - READER SUBMISSION

I hate the holidays.  Every year it seems like my sisters and inlaws come out to bug me for free services.  I am NOT here to offer free nails for my husband's sister when she is in town.   Why is it that I always have to either be sweet and nice and give in, or the bitch sister in law who didn’t offer free services.  I’ve only been doing nails a few years, but it seems to get worse and worse each year.

Last year my sister…. lets just call her “Pam”... came over at Thanksgiving and had nicely asked if I would polish her nails. I said “sure, thats fine”.  When she got to my salon and I offered her the polish colors she looked at me like my head was cut off and asked if these were the ones that stay on a long time, “the gel kind”?  I told her as politely as I could that “no, she had asked for polish”.  She argued with me asking why I couldn’t just do the gel.  I gave in and started to prepare her nails for gel…. making what was supposed to be a 10 minute quick polish into an hour full gel manicure.  I figured it was fine, all over, no problem, I can be nice and give her a free gel manicure.  Not so fast.  That weekend we were at our moms house for thanksgiving, and yes, you guessed it!!  My other sister AND mommy dearest started in on me about coming to the salon to get their gel manicures too!

Its hard to say no, I’m a giver, it's the southern girl in me. But I’m just so sick of feeling like I’m taken advantage of by the women in my family.  This year, I vow to be tougher.  To stand up to them and say “you want a service? make an appointment!”  I just hope I can get the courage to do it before they start on me about what color they want this year.

Signed…My Family Drives Me Nuts

Friday, November 8, 2013

Proof That The Truth Does Hurt!

I guess the only way to deal with someone exposing your wrong doing is first try to discredit them.  Guess that didn't work.  Next is to try to silence them.  Do the right thing.  That's all you have to do.  Take this energy and do the right thing.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nail Techs Design For Charity

Really?  Charity?

So, while I think this is a very good idea, I do have to question the financial aspect of this project.  100 shirts each of 12 different designs will be made and sold for $40 plus $8 shipping.  It states that 10% of the sale will go to the charity.

So, design number one, 100 shirts at $40 a shirt = $4,000.  $400 goes to charity.  $3,600 goes to whom?  Let's assume that these shirts cost $20 each, using the standard mark up of 100%.  That means the shirts cost $2,000, leaving $1,600 unaccounted for.  Let's even give the benefit of the doubt that the shirts cost $30, which is high, even for that type of shirt, that's still $600 unaccounted for.

Now take in the big picture and take the above and times it by 12 different shirt designs in sets of 100.  Who's pockets are being lined?  State your financials.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Message From Carla Collier

Recently my nail life has taken a different turn. I am so happy with where I’m at and who I am in this stage of my life and career that I am tempted to go on with my happy self and ignore any negativity that tries to threaten that but my true friends, mentors and family have urged me to address a few things floating around about me. I am only going to say this once so if you miss it and choose to continue believing the crazy drama then I wish you all the best because it really is just pure fantasy and if you have no idea what I’m talking about just know ignorance is bliss in this case and go on your merry way.

First I will say I am in no way any anonymous voice for the nail industry. As anyone who knows me can attest to I have no problem telling anybody to their face exactly what’s on my mind—probably to a fault. I will try to use tact as to not hurt your feelings however if you ask me my feelings on something or thoughts about it please be prepared to hear the truth. I am an outspoken, confident person that can agree to disagree but will not hesitate to speak if I see something wrong. Usually I do not have to approach anybody. If something is not right it seems that I will always be approached first.  I want to encourage and help people do better nails and also inspire people to achieve their greatest potential. It’s really my mission out here because we all know there’s no money in it truly it is a passion. If someone does something mean or is rude to me I will just quite frankly ignore them and try my best to steer clear of them. So you see doing something to purposely antagonize someone is so completely out of my character.

Second I need to just let ya’ll know that I don’t have time to write the blog I’m actually paid to write let alone write one for free that in no way can compensate me for my time. I just do not have the energy or time to devote to anything more than what I do now. Letting anybody rob my joy, happiness, power or energy by giving any real thought to slanderous, angry comments or accusations are just out of the question. If people choose to believe what they hear or read about me so be it.  Also please know that I will not be responding to or engaging in any negative comments or conversations regarding this.
And last you can all know my computer hard drive is completely open for anyone to look at if they so choose. So I say to my accusers prove it!

I am always on my way to something better… love to you all Carla

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Message From Lysa Comfort

I now have four "web masters".  People, who have access to this blog and can post for me.  Why can't I post to my own blog?  Well in the past week, there have been SIX attempts to hack into my email accounts.  So, I am not taking any chances since the vultures are still trying to silence me.

Speaking of vultures.....here's an email that I got.  I have printed it, just as she typed it.  Enjoy.

So Nancy, 
Your page is designed for people to tell it like it is, correct? So I thought it time I shared my story for you to post since I've been attacked without cause. 
So I am a competition judge. I tried to put on a competition here in a small US beauty show since all of the big shows are being monopolized by Nailpro and it obvious that it is ruining competition here in America. After all, they can't even get more than 3 people to compete in their international qualifying comp that sends the winner to Germany. What does that tell you, right? 
So I invited Nailpro's head judge, Carla Collier to judge because she was begging me to judge in London forever and frankly they just weren't interested in her because she is considered a has been. Ya know, washed up loser?. You got my point. Unwanted because she sucks... 
Anyways, so I invited her to judge. She is taken care of in a very nice manner. She is treated with kindness and respect, she clearly has complete access to see how the scores are tallied and clearly sees there is absolutely no chance cheating could occur, and yet she goes on this brutal rampage to start trying to make me and the competition out to be a scam. That the scoring system wasn't good and that I was unethical! Why, you ask? Well I don't know? I did nothing to her to prompt this mean and nasty behavior. She claims to be a good Christian, but clearly she is not. So I don't get it really?  What's her issue? Is she just jealous? She she just a miserable person who nobody loves? I'm not quite sure. But I think it is terrible that she thinks it's ok for her to abuse her position in the industry and slander me all over it. It's time she faces me and we have a show down to put this to rest once and for all. So I'm asking you to please post this for all to see so that she might feel inclined to actually answer for her actions. Let's see how big she really is? If she stands behind the slanderous comments she feels inclined to spread to everyone! If this page is really here for us to use as a place to put it all out there for all to see, I would say that you have no choice to pick and choose what you post, correct? And if you do not post this letter, well then I'll be happy to post it everywhere I can possible so that everyone can see that you are actually just using this blog to satisfy your own need to bitch and complain. And I don't need to hind behind any anonymous name. Please do put that I wrote it because I am not afraid of the truth to come out! 
Your truly,
Lysa Comfort
Aka "the mastermind" 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Message From Nancy

I was contacted by Nancy Nailtech, because she recognized that I believe in her mission to bring a voice to people who can’t speak about things publically, for whatever reason.  She gave me her login information to this blog so that I could post this for her.  Why? You ask?  Because some people are doing everything possible to find out her true identity.  She wants to remain anonymous.

Here’s her message:

I deactivated my Facebook account for one reason and one reason only.  Vultures are pointing their finger at the wrong person.  WITHOUT PROOF!  This person probably doesn’t have a clue that she is being fingered as being me.  Shame on everyone spreading it.

Every single one of you, who were blasting me for posting things that they “feel” aren’t true, you are absolutely no better, when you are spreading the rumor of who it is, without proof.  Hypocritical?  I think so.

It’s a shame that people want to ruin a reputation of someone, who did nothing, without proof.  Oh, you can say I did that, HOWEVER, those people all did something that they SHOULD be ashamed of.  Canceling classes and not refunding money.  Companies mud slinging false accusations about their competitor.  Competition judges that are anything but honest and fair.  Competitors with big heads that are sore losers.

Each and everyone of these people did these things and did them publically for all to see.  They put themselves in a position to ruin their own reputation, with no help from me, other than to pass the word on.

The person you are falsely accusing.  What did she do?  I can tell you, she did nothing, because what you are accusing her of doing was MY doing.

So, go on, you hypocrites.  I am not gone.  I will be back, the next time I see something that needs brought to light, you bet your sweet ass I’ll be back.