Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Message From Nancy

I was contacted by Nancy Nailtech, because she recognized that I believe in her mission to bring a voice to people who can’t speak about things publically, for whatever reason.  She gave me her login information to this blog so that I could post this for her.  Why? You ask?  Because some people are doing everything possible to find out her true identity.  She wants to remain anonymous.

Here’s her message:

I deactivated my Facebook account for one reason and one reason only.  Vultures are pointing their finger at the wrong person.  WITHOUT PROOF!  This person probably doesn’t have a clue that she is being fingered as being me.  Shame on everyone spreading it.

Every single one of you, who were blasting me for posting things that they “feel” aren’t true, you are absolutely no better, when you are spreading the rumor of who it is, without proof.  Hypocritical?  I think so.

It’s a shame that people want to ruin a reputation of someone, who did nothing, without proof.  Oh, you can say I did that, HOWEVER, those people all did something that they SHOULD be ashamed of.  Canceling classes and not refunding money.  Companies mud slinging false accusations about their competitor.  Competition judges that are anything but honest and fair.  Competitors with big heads that are sore losers.

Each and everyone of these people did these things and did them publically for all to see.  They put themselves in a position to ruin their own reputation, with no help from me, other than to pass the word on.

The person you are falsely accusing.  What did she do?  I can tell you, she did nothing, because what you are accusing her of doing was MY doing.

So, go on, you hypocrites.  I am not gone.  I will be back, the next time I see something that needs brought to light, you bet your sweet ass I’ll be back.



Anonymous said...

Wow!! Pot calling the kettle black, much??

Anonymous said...

Nancy, any way to remove this comment audit was posted on the wrong blog entry?

TheTroll said...

Nancy NailTech has long been known to dish it but not take it. She has a reputation for hosting a one sided bitch fest. It is hilarious that she is claiming people are trying to find out who she is and expose her when she investigates and compares our IP addresses to find out who we might be. She has no problem trying to cause problems for or between other nail techs. She spies in several groups and uses things she reads to hurt people. This anonymous person? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Where'd NailTech Nancy go to?