Monday, November 4, 2013

A Message From Carla Collier

Recently my nail life has taken a different turn. I am so happy with where I’m at and who I am in this stage of my life and career that I am tempted to go on with my happy self and ignore any negativity that tries to threaten that but my true friends, mentors and family have urged me to address a few things floating around about me. I am only going to say this once so if you miss it and choose to continue believing the crazy drama then I wish you all the best because it really is just pure fantasy and if you have no idea what I’m talking about just know ignorance is bliss in this case and go on your merry way.

First I will say I am in no way any anonymous voice for the nail industry. As anyone who knows me can attest to I have no problem telling anybody to their face exactly what’s on my mind—probably to a fault. I will try to use tact as to not hurt your feelings however if you ask me my feelings on something or thoughts about it please be prepared to hear the truth. I am an outspoken, confident person that can agree to disagree but will not hesitate to speak if I see something wrong. Usually I do not have to approach anybody. If something is not right it seems that I will always be approached first.  I want to encourage and help people do better nails and also inspire people to achieve their greatest potential. It’s really my mission out here because we all know there’s no money in it truly it is a passion. If someone does something mean or is rude to me I will just quite frankly ignore them and try my best to steer clear of them. So you see doing something to purposely antagonize someone is so completely out of my character.

Second I need to just let ya’ll know that I don’t have time to write the blog I’m actually paid to write let alone write one for free that in no way can compensate me for my time. I just do not have the energy or time to devote to anything more than what I do now. Letting anybody rob my joy, happiness, power or energy by giving any real thought to slanderous, angry comments or accusations are just out of the question. If people choose to believe what they hear or read about me so be it.  Also please know that I will not be responding to or engaging in any negative comments or conversations regarding this.
And last you can all know my computer hard drive is completely open for anyone to look at if they so choose. So I say to my accusers prove it!

I am always on my way to something better… love to you all Carla


Anonymous said...

The one thing I do Know about Carla is she is Blatantly and completely honest. It may not be what one wants to hear.
I have always witnessed her seeing ones potential and guiding them in the right direction so they may build and grow to there full potential. She has been a mentor for many. I have seen many grow into Nail industry leaders themselves. All industry has the good, bad and the ugly including the Nail Industry. I have been around long enough to have seen it all. Carla's character is one of which I stand up for, as well as beside her.
Sincerely, Anita Lime-Sims

Lysa Comfort said...

I guess this letter was something she wrote when she did have time.
Date: September 4, 2012 10:47:54 PM GMT+02:00
To: "Lisa comfort"
Subject: I: Fwd: INJA
Dear Lisa
My personal FB assistant got this email after that we sent to all my users the INJA advert
I don t know personally this person but i think that she can just decline the invitation without adding any more comments even if i don t like somebody in the industry (that s very common)it s just between the 2 persons involved and i think that it s very unprofessional from her side to me that she is answering in this way....just let you know what i got
Talk to u soon
Best regards

Antonio Sacripante Doctor Professor in Science and Design Dean of Education
From: Antonio Sacripante
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 10:35:56 +0200
Subject: Fwd: INJA

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: carla collier
Date: 2012/9/3
Subject: Re: INJA
To: Antonio Sacripante

Hello Antonio,

Thank you for your email. I have heard great things about you from our mutual friend Ghenna Gonzales and see that you are a fantastic artist! I would love to be involved with something like this however I will not be associated with Lysa Comfort. I am so sorry-- I have judged for her before and saw some very unethical things I cannot work with.

Thank you again for the email

Best Regards,
Carla Collier

sherryyl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sherryyl said...

Lysa, truth hurts sometimes but damn girl, you have issues. They have meds for that. You can't rise above an email that was sent a year ago, and carry on? You look a fool.

TheTroll said...

All of you look like fools. We call our professional peer a has been? Loser and whore? Or we share emails and complaints and open the door for stupid petty replies about who said it meaner and kettles and pots and all this childish shit just continues on. All of you might think about washing your laundry and putting it away instead of airing it all filthy for us to roll our eyes at.

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