Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nail Techs Design For Charity

Really?  Charity?

So, while I think this is a very good idea, I do have to question the financial aspect of this project.  100 shirts each of 12 different designs will be made and sold for $40 plus $8 shipping.  It states that 10% of the sale will go to the charity.

So, design number one, 100 shirts at $40 a shirt = $4,000.  $400 goes to charity.  $3,600 goes to whom?  Let's assume that these shirts cost $20 each, using the standard mark up of 100%.  That means the shirts cost $2,000, leaving $1,600 unaccounted for.  Let's even give the benefit of the doubt that the shirts cost $30, which is high, even for that type of shirt, that's still $600 unaccounted for.

Now take in the big picture and take the above and times it by 12 different shirt designs in sets of 100.  Who's pockets are being lined?  State your financials.


Nikki Pope said...

That is silly! She could have just chosen to sell shirts and not give anything to any charity...but she did decide to make a donation.

The shirts look really incredible and they would have sold, charity or none.

The fact that she points out anything about her charity donation only raises awareness for Polished Girlz, in addition to whatever she donates.

I say, way to go NTR! If more company's and bloggers would take their money making ideas and donate a small portion to charity, it would be pretty darn amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I said the same thing to my husband last night! If you are going to have Charity in your sale name, you better give the money to charity. When our salon sold shirts last month for Breast Cancer Awareness, we sold them for $20,, they cost us $10. That full $10 went to the local cancer center, not $2. If we would have done that, people who bought shirts would have felt ripped off.

I say change the name of your sale to remove the stigma that you are doing this for charity or give all of the proceeds to charity.

Millie Haynam said...

Nowhere does NTR state that ALL proceeds are going to this charity. It has been all up front. And the fact that NTR might finally get some of it's costs covered, many of which the team has spent out of their own pockets for the last three years... Seriously I just had to replace a laptop that was damaged at the last show I attended, $800 worth. If you don't understand all that goes into a radio broadcast and road show...sit down.

Mia Walker said...

NTR is a wonderful show. The show is put on by regular women doing an extraordinary job of informing and educating techs for FREE!!!! And, I am sure this shirt won't stop ANYONE from tuning in weekly. Great job NTR, Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This may be a wonderful show, but it does seem as though they are only throwing a small amount at the charity. I would be more inclined to purchase if the price was lower or the amount given to charity was higher.

tania rice said...

Who are you to decide how much someone decides to give to a charity? I would have bought a shirt weather or not they decide to give a portion to charity. I think it's very through for them to support a local charity. Mcdonalds gives 10 cents from every happy meal on happy meal day to charity. When the could probably afford 4 bucks and they don't.